Make It a Double: An Easy Guide to Cloning Cannabis

There are over hundreds of thousands of different cannabis strains in the world. People keep making new strains of cannabis that there is no limit to how many actual strains of cannabis exist at any given moment.

With so many possibilities, growing your favorite strain of marijuana can be perfect for your own personal medical use. If you’ve already found the perfect kind of marijuana, there are even ways to reproduce the same strain over and over again.

To find out how to start cloning cannabis, read our handy guide to help you get started and have your own personal supply for your medical needs!

Why You Should Be Cloning Cannabis

For those who have already tried marijuana, you probably have a favorite type. For anyone new to the scene, not to worry! There are plenty of popular strains to try for yourself, like Northern Lights or Blue Dream.

Cloning cannabis is a perfect way to start producing your own cannabis supply because it gives you ultimate control over your plant. By cloning, you are able to replicate the exact plant you want, giving you the perfect marijuana clone.

How to Clone Cannabis

So now you know the why, here’s the how of cloning cannabis. It might take a few tries, but once you get it right, it’s a breeze!

1. Select the “Mother Plant”

Select a plant that is healthy and at least 2 months old. If you are planning on growing your crop outdoors, pick an outdoor plant. If you are going to grow indoors, pick an indoor one.

2. How to Get Marijuana Cuttings

Pick a lower branch that is 8-10 inches long and has a few nodes on them.

Cut the branch at a 45-degree angle. Then dip your fresh cutting in a rooting hormone such as Clonex®. Rooting hormones help to provide additional support to promote healthy growth.

3. Finding the Right Rooting Medium

Next, you have to place your cutting into a rooting medium so that it can start to grow.

There are a few different mediums to use, but the easiest methods would be either Rockwool cubes or another type of starter plug as well as water. For Rockwool cubes or starter plug, simply insert the branch into a small hole. For water, just place the branch into a small container of water.

Pretty easy, right?

Caring For Your Baby MJ

Now that you have properly cloned your weed, all you have to do now is care for your plants as they grow.

Make sure the environment they are in is relatively warm (around 72-77 degrees Fahrenheit). They also need to have light, but make sure it is not direct sunlight as that will cause them to overheat.

If necessary, purchase a dome to fit the plants under to give them the proper growing environment.  

On Your Way to Your Own Dank Supply of Cannabis

With a few simple steps, you can cultivate your own perfect crop to use for your own personal use!

Cloning cannabis may seem daunting at first, but with this guide, you can start creating and experimenting to grow your own plants. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a novice when it comes to marijuana clones.

If you have any questions about cloning, or about growing Medical Marijuana in general, don’t hesitate to ask!

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