Understanding the Roots of a Hydroponic Grow System

Did you know that in 2016 the hydroponics market was valued at over 6 billion dollars in the United States?

It’s no surprise that more industries are learning and incorporating hydroponics for their crops.

Starting a hydroponic grow system is easier than people think. Keep reading to learn the basics so you can get your cannabis plants to grow healthier and faster.

Understanding the Roots of a Hydroponic Grow System

First, let’s get a basic understanding of what hydroponics is before we go into more detail of a hydroponic grow system. The simplest definition for it is that it’s a form of gardening that uses water and nutrients instead of soil. The roots of the plants come in direct contact with the nutrient solution in order to get what it needs to grow.

Growing Cannabis Without Soil

Using the hydroponic method mentioned above cannabis is grown without soil. The cannabis plants are fed by soluble nutrients that are dissolved in water. The plants grow faster than traditional soil gardens giving you an advantage of having the plants faster. However, because of the faster growth, you have to make sure you’re regularly maintaining the plants.

Growing hydroponic cannabis produces potent and clean plants. The plants derive the nutrients from the solution that’s used to water the plants. You don’t have to worry about the roots suffocating due to lack of oxygen or worry about minerals building up in the soil.


There are many advantages to growing with hydroponics. As mentioned above the plants grow faster which means less waiting time to have mature plants. This in turn also means more plants year round. 

Less Water

Another advantage is that because the system is enclosed it uses less water than a soil based garden. This makes growing with a hydroponics garden more environmentally friendly. You have less waste and less soil runoff pollution with a hydroponics system.

The plants only use the water that they need.

Less Space

This advantage means that if you have limited space or room on your land you can still yield plenty of plants. Plants can be packed closely together which also means you can set up a hydroponic system indoors.

No Soil

As mentioned earlier there is no soil involved in a hydroponic garden. If you live in an area where there is poor soil then you have one less thing to worry about. If you live in an apartment you can grow indoors with no soil making it convenient.


Although there are plenty of advantages there are some disadvantages to consider when considering hydroponics set up. 

More Expensive

The up-front price tag on a hydroponics system is higher than a soil garden. There are more components to set up a quality hydroponics system. The long term cost, however, can end up being much less than using soil.

Regular Maintenance 

Managing the system will take more time because you have to stay on top of monitoring the pH and nutrient levels daily. You also have to watch out for a pump failing which can kill your whole crop in a few hours.

Ready to Tackle Your Own Hydroponics System?

After learning the basics of how hydroponics work, the advantages, and disadvantages are you ready to tackle your own hydroponic grow system? After you choose your location it’s time to choose the best set up for your needs.

If you have the time to monitor and maintain your hydroponic system you will have a fun experience growing your cannabis!

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